Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 3/27/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 3/27/12


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Marlena: (to Will after telling Marlena that he’s gay) It's a thing that you're born with? Well, I happen to agree with that. You were born with great good looks and charm and wisdom and a wonderful future. And if you're figuring out something about yourself now and acknowledging it, it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's a cause for celebration.

Sami: Why? What do you get out of this? Unless you're gonna work with Kate to take my kids away from me.

EJ: I would not do that to them.

Sami: You already have done that to them.

Gabi: I want to know why EJ pays your rent and why he bought you your car.

Will: Uh, perks of the job.

Gabi: Okay, most people would be happy with dental care.

Gabi: (to Will) But you know, sometimes when you do everything by the book... well, then just end up with the book.

Chad: (Melanie finds the earring Gabi left under the pillow just as she and Chad are about to make love) I--I--I told you that I have no idea how it got there.

Melanie: Well, I--I think I have an idea.

Chad: M--Melanie, just c--

Melanie: You know what? Um, just for the future, when you set up a little seduction scene, change your sheets.

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