Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 3/14/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 3/14/12


Provided By Danielle

Austin: (thinking he is talking to Carrie under the covers) [Sighs] Carrie. Carrie. Please listen to me. I am so sorry. I love you so much. I hate myself for what I did. It's the worst mistake that I've ever made in my life. And I mean, I was drunk off my ass... or I never would've cheated on you. Carrie--

Billie: You dog. Wait--I take that back. I like dogs.

Stefano: You are the ones that broke into a government building with just two pieces of gum and a cord, all right? So I heard that there was something going on, so I came here to investigate.

Hope: With several of your goons.

John: Because you're such a stickler for law and order.

Stefano: I think I like you better without a brain.

Stefano: (Stefano changes his mind and offers to help Hope and John get away) That means that I can direct my men to distract the police until I get you out of here. We better make it very fast.

John: Yeah, right into another trap.

Stefano: [Sighs] What is it going to be-- the devil that you know... or the one that you don't?

Billie: Well, you're not a serial cheater. You're a loving husband. And Carrie--she'll remember that, as soon as she's done hating your guts. [Both laughing]

Austin: You really think so?

Billie: Well... I mean, it's gonna take a while. And then, you know, people are gonna find out about it. They're gonna avoid you like crazy. [Laughing] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Hope: (Stefano refuses to return the passports) Why? Why are you doing this to us?

Stefano: Because it's fun. Yes... I think that's it.

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