Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/12/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/12/11


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Brady: Ahem. No offense, Madison, but mad world cosmetics is a small part of titan. If you want face time with the CEO, you need to do what the other execs do.

Madison: This isn't a deli counter. I'm not gonna take a number and stand in line.

Sami: It's going great. Things with Madison are great since I told her off at your suggestion. So I guess that means I owe you a thank-you.

Kate: Well, I would say that I was glad to help, but that would imply a certain level of caring, so--

EJ: (to Nicole) Why don't you and I take a shower... and I'll give you a proper standing ovation?

Sami: (Sami is stuck with the kids after her babysitter has to leave) Ha, ha, ha. You know, I wouldn't have put it past you to have done something to Betsy's mother to make her end up in the hospital so that this would all happen, and I would lose my job.

Kate: Wow, I wish I were that devious. Okay, I am that devious.

Brady: (Madison keeps changing her mind about being with Brady) I'm gonna need a neck brace from all the whiplash you've given to me.

Sami: Okay. Listen here. They are not having candy or soda or cocoa. And please don't buy them more presents. They have enough.

Kate: Can we have a bowl of gruel and a stick to play with?

Abe: (Nicole sets up Abe so that he misses the children’s center luncheon enabling EJ to announce that his business associates had donated enough to bankroll the new building) You know, uh, I'm just happy the kids got what they needed. But I have been planning for the entire community to donate. Rich and poor alike, kids giving from their piggy banks, so that everyone in town could feel as if they were part of something worthwhile.

EJ: Hmm. That's really touching, Abe. I think the only thing that's missing is the unicorn ride through lollipop land.

Jennifer: You know, I asked you not to play dirty, and you just ignored me.

Nicole: That was you? I thought that was a little gnat buzzing around my ear.

Kate: (Sami is upset to find that Kate bought her kids candy, cocoa, and presents despite her objections) Actually, I didn't. You see, grandparents are really sly that way, okay? And besides, what difference does it make? A few snacks and trinkets? It's not gonna cause any long-term damage. That is a parent's job.

Sami: (to Kate) I don't know if it's the holidays or the start of the end of the world, but I really appreciate you helping me today.

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