Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/26/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/26/11


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Kate: (Marlena glares at Austin as she walks by their table) Wow. That was one cold stare. I'm surprised you don't have frostbite.

Marlena: Oh, hey, hey, hey. Want some help with those?

Will: Oh, uh, you know what? I-I work out, so I can carry three water bottles.

Abigail: How's your dad? I mean, how's he handling it with being with my mom while she's dating my dad also?

Melanie: [Laughs]

Abigail: That sounds even more ridiculous saying it out loud.

Kate: Right, well... I would feel sorry for anyone married to Sami as well.

Austin: More coffee?

Kate: Okay, so, you know, that's hardly subtle.

Austin: Uh-huh, yeah, neither are you.

EJ: (Nicole lets a negative newspaper article about EJ get published) Ah, look, I doubt this is going to adversely affect my poll numbers. Or my reputation. It's not like most of this information isn't public knowledge anyway.

Nicole: Yeah, and all the mean, awful things that they said you've done, well, are actually true.

Stefano: (Kate questions why EJ would get back together with Nicole after their fake marriage ended) It's not about that anymore. I just hope to God that my son hasn't actually fallen in love with his wife.

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