Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/3/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/3/11


Provided By Danielle

Kate: (to Austin upon seeing John arrested) So other than that, how was the theater, Mrs. Lincoln?

Kate: Time heals all, okay, and personally I always felt Carrie had a tendency to overreact.

Austin: [Laughs] This coming from a woman who tries to off her daughter-in-law on a regular basis?

Rafe: (Rafe was John’s arresting officer) Sorry about this, John.

John: Yeah, well, I was just telling Marlena that I thought I should spend some time with my stepdaughter's new husband.

Jennifer: Wait, you were being held hostage?

Jack: [Sighs]

Jennifer: Did the dog eat your homework, Jack? Is the check in the mail?

Jennifer: You know what, there is one--there is one word for all of this. Unbelievable. Unbelievable, Jack!

Jack: If I was gonna lie, I would have come up with a much better story than that.

Maggie: (Brady avoids dealing with John’s arrest) What is with him?

Victor: Oh, he's Brady, so everything is complicated.

John: [Sighs] Thanks for believing in me.

Marlena: I always have. Why would I stop now?

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