Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 9/22/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 9/22/11


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Ivan’s girls: We've come to bring you the gift of music. [Plays note] Ommm. You are his night you are his day without you in his life he has nothing to say. Ommm. You are his goddess burning with fire you are his one and only desire. He would be so happy if you'd take his hand and allow him to call you Madame.

Vivian: If this isn't a hallucination, somebody has a very weird sense of humor.

Brady: Looks like you've taken everything.

Nicole: Lock, stock, and a martini shaker.

Nicole: And we were good for each other then. But now--

Brady:, we drink vodka and have sex.

Nicole: I wish the sex hadn't have been so good. Really ruined the beautiful relationship.

Vivian: (Ivan presents Vivian with two briefcases) Oh, my God, it's full of jewels.

Ivan: Uh-huh, and there is more, Madame.

Vivian: (the second briefcase is full of cash) Oh! Well... green is my favorite color.

Abe: Do you know what you're getting yourself into?

Taylor: Um, not really, but it sounds like fun.

Abe: You're trying to save the soul of a pimp... one whose mother is the devil herself.

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