Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 9/8/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 9/8/11


Provided By Danielle

Norman: Carly, I want you to think about something. I-I get what you're saying about having to compartmentalize to be able to go into the O.R. and get the job done. But that doesn't mean that you don't feel for your patients. Being married to Lawrence, you had to compartmentalize just to get through the day. I think maybe you got too good at it.

Carly: So when I lost Bo and I was attracted to Daniel, those little pills were just helping me not to feel.

Norman: By George, I think you've got it.

Carly: She can be taught.

Carly: (Dr. Norman suggests that Carly work on her feelings) How do we do that?

Norman: Well, I'm giving you a hall pass. You get to go out for lunch.

Carly: You want me to explore my feelings about tuna salad?

Rafe: (Rafe wants to take the day off from work so he can be with Sami when she gets her test results) I'm gonna let 'em know I'm not coming.

Sami: No, I just said I'm fine.

Rafe: What's the point of marrying the boss' daughter if you don't get perks?

Rafe: (to Sami as they meet up to get her test results) Anyway, you breaking into someone's office and hiding under the desk, it tells me that even with all this stuff going on hasn't changed you.

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