Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 8/30/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 8/30/11


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Gabi: Yeah, I think that when we asked your great-grandmother to give us some food for the barbecue, I think she thought it was for the entire Indian subcontinent.

Will: Uh, well, when it comes to food, the Bradys are not known for their restraint. When it comes to anything, the Bradys are not known for their restraint.

Daniel: Well, apparently a picnic's not an original idea. I think I got the last bag of charcoal in the greater metropolitan area. You know what? I almost got into a fistfight over it.

Jennifer: [Gasps] My hero.

Daniel: Yeah, well, she wasn't that big.

Daniel: (sarcastically) No, no, no, see the dads start the fire, all right? And then Dario and I, as members of the male species, we sit in front of it, and we talk about sports. See, that's how a cookout works.

Jennifer: Oh, I see. And what do the womenfolk do? Do we knit?

Tad: (upon seeing Daniel and Jennifer) I thought you said this party was gonna be cool. Who asked Grandma and Grandpa to come?

Melanie: You guys remembered the, um, mosquito repellent, right? Sorry. I have no idea what made me think of that.

Kinsey: (to Tad) At least you are consistent. You're always a dweeb. Let's go check out the water before people really get to know you.

Tad: (upon seeing Sonny) What is he doing here?

Daniel: You know, I like him. He's cuddly, like a cactus.

Dr. Norman: (Carly brings up killing Lawrence during her first therapy session) I see. All the same, I'm curious about your response.

Nicholas: My response. What about your response? She just said she killed someone, and you're sitting there like she said she burned dinner.

Daniel: Yeah, but I commend Sonny, though. If anybody deserved to be decked, it'd be that little kid T.

Jennifer: T. You know what? He has a problem with self-esteem. He has it, and he shouldn't.

Jennifer: (teasing each other about being called old by Tad) Well, um... the Cheatin' Heart is having their early-bird special, Grandpa.

Daniel: Oh, you are so gonna pay for that. I mean, like, literally, 'cause I don't even have my wallet.

Daniel: Oh, my God. Oh, my back.

Jennifer: No, this isn't even funny.

Daniel: Oh!

Jennifer: What? Wait a minute--here, lean on me.

Daniel: (wrapping his arms around Jennifer) Oh, my God. Works every time.

Abigail: (the boys are off playing volleyball) You'd think they were playing the world cup or something.

Melanie: Yeah, boys are like puppy dogs. You just got to let them kind of run around until they tire themselves out.

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