Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 8/26/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 8/26/11


Provided By Danielle

Nicole: You know what I did last night?

Taylor: Better question-- do I care?

Kate: Incompetent bastards.

EJ: Good morning to you too. Coffee? Orange juice? Valium?

Hope: (mumbling with a mouth full of Bo’s breakfast in bed) Mmm! Breakfast is amazing.

Bo: Belfast is--what did you say?

Kate: (to EJ) [Laughing] I'm sorry! I'm sor--seriously, I am. Forgive me. Forgive me for laughing in your face, but honestly, do you seriously expect me to believe you when you say something like that? You having power over other people when you don't even have power over yourself.

Roman: (upon learning that Sami is heading into surgery) All right, okay. Well, then I guess you're probably gonna hear me say something you never thought you'd here from me.

Sami: What's that?

Roman: Stop thinking of other people. Think only of yourself right now.

Sami: You're right, Dad. I never thought I'd hear you say that to me.

Taylor: I am. I am sorry for taking your husband.

Nicole: Wow. That's big of you. Even though you said it with as much sincerity as a blackjack dealer.

Sami: Gin.

Rafe: You ever gonna let me win?

Sami: Who are you? Johnny? No, of course, I'm not gonna let you win.

Rafe: Well, Johnny never lets me win either. Now I see where he gets it.

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