Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/25/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/25/11


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Chloe: You bitch. You absolute bitch!

Kate: Wow, I've never been called that before.

Rafe: Okay, yes, that is a good plan, but... I think we could splurge and actually go out twice.

Sami: I appreciate that.'s just different, you know? It's fun hanging out here. But if I have to go out and we're gonna see people we know, and we always run into people we know, 'cause it's Salem and we know everyone…

EJ: Turning around and seeing that you've obviously been eavesdropping on my conversation brings back so many wonderful memories, Nicole. Like our marriage.

Nicole: Yeah, I do have this weird feeling of déja vu.

Nicole: You don't have anything you want, so, yeah, your life sucks. You name one thing that you want that you actually have.

EJ: Oh, it's easy. You don't live in my house anymore.

Nicole: Well, no one does but Kate and Stefano. Yeah, let that one sink in. You live with your daddy and his ex-hooker wife.

Quinn: No, I didn't attack those women. And I'm the one who's paying all of Mandy's hospital bills.

Taylor: Oh, well, that's good, Quinn, because she's not exactly eligible for workman's comp in her line of work.

Kate: Come on, Chloe, you've been a whore since high school. You're just better paid for it now.

Hope: (Roman won’t let her go undercover to catch the guy attacking prostitutes) I don't like this new attitude of his. I'm just not used to this.

Bo: You're partial to the last commissioner.

Hope: (jokingly) You kidding me? He was even worse.

Nicole: I can tell you still got it. Because you managed to twist that sentence around so that you could say "whom." Still makes me shiver a little.

EJ: Well, I didn't do it, um, so that I could I could say "whom." I did it because I don't like to end my sentences with a preposition.

Nicole: Ooh. Well, that is something up with which you will not put.

Chloe: You know what? I-- I just realized I've been looking at this all wrong. All these years, I just-- I've been thinking about all the things that you've done to me.

Kate: Uh-huh, and all the things I could do to you.

Chloe: Yeah, but we never discussed the fact that... you never win. You really kind of suck at it.

Bo: (asking EJ for security tapes from DiMera businesses at the pier) Or might those tapes give us evidence of your illegal activities? You know, the family drug business.

Nicole: Oh, he sold that.

EJ: Take care...won't you?

Nicole: do care.

EJ: You're one of my favorite ex-wives.

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