Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 7/29/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 7/29/11


Provided By Danielle

Bo: (Hope empathizes with the picture of Carly passed out from a drug overdose) Whoa, hey, hey, stop. It's totally different. Those drugs were prescribed to you by a doctor. You had a bad reaction. You weren't dependent.

Hope: Still. It really messed up our lives, didn't it? You think it was Photoshopped? Vivian's still in town.

Nicole: Why do you get a vote on what Brady and I do?

Taylor: Because I saw EJ, and I know where his head is.

Brady: I know where his head is too, but I'm not gonna say it with ladies present.

Vivian: Yeah. I never understood Quinn's... jealousy, but you know what? It was because he truly cared, and now I know that. That--that thing with his father, it was just a dalliance. I mean, he meant nothing to me. I'll never understand it. How did he bring up such a fine son without any help from me?

Gus: Good question. Why don't you think about that?

EJ: I am going to remember, Melanie. And not just your part in it.

Melanie: You're bluffing.

Dario: Yeah, good luck with that one. You'll have an easier job of making a list of the people that don't want you dead.

Taylor: So for once in your life, will you please listen to somebody else?

Nicole: The pot calling the kettle black much?

Nicole: Believe it or not, Taylor, I am actually capable of forgiveness. I've forgiven you for ruining my marriage to EJ, even though there wasn't much of a marriage. And I can't forgive you for being attracted to Brady, because, my God, you have eyes.

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