Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 7/27/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 7/27/11


Provided By Danielle

EJ: (in the hospital) What's wrong with this place, hmm? You paid for half of it.

Stefano: Yes, but I never paid for a unit that treated the mentally ill... which you obviously are.

Taylor: You know what? Everyone in this town... [Giggles] They think that, uh, EJ had me fooled, right? Like I was under some sort of spell. What if I told you that I knew exactly who EJ was and I stayed anyway?

Brady: Why, because you are drawn to men with a dark side?

Sonny: Yeah, I went to Japan last month and climbed Mount Fuji.

Kinsey: Gay guys climb mountains, huh?

Sonny: Well, when we're not worshipping Neil Patrick Harris, yeah.

Brady: (Nicole walks in on Brady kissing a drunk Taylor) It didn't mean anything. She's going through a really hard time. You know that.

Nicole: I'm over here in a bed of roses myself.

Brady: You made that bed.

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