Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 7/26/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 7/26/11


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Nicole: Oh...

Kate: Great. Great! Before I've had my morning coffee or vodka?

Tad: You. You--

Sonny: I'm sorry, only my close friends can call me "you."

Melanie: Are you sure? Because you didn't say good-bye after dinner.

Daniel: No, I waved to you, but you were talking to the fuzz.

Melanie: Pbbbt! I'm gonna tell Hope you called her "The Fuzz."

Daniel: Okay, sweetheart, how can I communicate to you that I don't want to talk about my personal life?

Melanie: You did communicate that to me. I just don't care 'cause you're my dad.

Melanie: Um...has anyone ever said something stupid to you?

Maxine: Of course. I've talked to you.

Nicole: You really are hurt, aren't you?

Kate: I had a momentary lapse.

Nicole: Yeah, but it was almost-- almost human.

Sonny: Dude, you're the one who asked me to take that picture. All right? As I recall.

Tad: Because I didn't know the truth.

Sonny: Oh...right. 'Cause if you would have, what would you have said? Huh? "Oh, please, no photos with Sonny, 'cause then I'll be gay by association"?

Victor: (to Tad after he overhears Tad giving Sonny a hard time about being gay) No, it's not okay. Not on any level. Stupid and ignorant are two different things, but you managed to incorporate them both. You said hurtful things to my nephew where I could hear you. Stupid. And if you think there's anything wrong with being gay, then you're ignorant. Evolution isn't working fast enough if we have to hold on to people like you.

Maggie: You know, when I saw you at the Brady pub, I think it was wonderful when you stood by your nephew like that. I had you all wrong.

Victor: Perhaps that's because you don't listen to me. I told you that I wasn't prejudiced. But you insist on believing the worst about me. And 98% of the time, you're right.

Melanie: (to Dario) Do you know how stupid you sound calling yourself an idiot? That didn't come out right.

Sonny: (joking to break the tension with Kinsey) The service here sucks, doesn't it? It's nepotism.

Will: (currently working behind the bar) Yeah, I know how the Kiriakises hate nepotism.

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