Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 6/23/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 6/23/11


Provided By Danielle

Stefano: (Lexie suspects that EJ’s beating was so severe that he developed internal bleeding) Oh, my God, who would do such a thing?

Bo: You want a list?

Adrienne: (Taylor knocks Hope to the ground and leaves. Adrienne and Justin happen upon Hope at the pier and stop to help) Hope, can you hear us? Hope?

Hope: Hey. I don't suppose you'll buy I was taking a nap?

Stefano: All right, call the guards up here, all right? We can't have strangers lurking around here.

Maxine: Really? I thought the DiMeras invented lurking. Shall I call security on you too?

Stefano: I, um-- I noticed how you were helping my son before. Otherwise, I would send you packing. Probably in a small box. So you keep your eye on my son because I'm gonna keep my eye on you.

Maxine: You don't scare me, honey.

Stefano: Good for you.

Maxine: I walked in the doors of this hospital looking for a job. I can walk out the same way. The waiting room is right over there.

Kate: And I love how you are with your kids.

Stefano: Because I'm just like you. Hmm? I mean, if I didn't lie, cheat, and steal for my children...

Kate: Who can you do it for?

Caroline: (after witnessing Will turn down Gabi’s request to make out) I think maybe you have another problem, huh? You want to talk about it? I'm a Scorpio. I can keep my mouth shut.

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