Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 4/19/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 4/19/11


Provided By Danielle

Stefano: Yes, Max. My grandson... [Clears throat] Theodore Carver, is missing. I want you to find him.

Max: Sure, but shouldn't the cops be on this?

Stefano: They are. What do you think I called you for?

Man: (at Fay’s funeral) Your brother explained to me that the three of you wanted to write letters to be placed with Fay's ashes?

Taylor: Right, yeah.

Man: I have Brandon's right here.

Taylor: Um, I've got mine too.

Nicole: Leave it to me to be behind on my homework.

Chloe: You tried to kill me.

Kate: [Scoffs] Yeah, I know. You keep saying that.

Chloe: You did!

Kate: Well, actually, you know, the truth is, the only person who tried to kill you is you.

Kate: Wh-- I-I'm sorry. I really--I didn't hear what you said. You're kind of slurring your words. Did you just threaten... did you just threaten to kill me?

Chloe: Hey, why not? I mean, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the other goose, right?

Vivian: Speaking of pain in the necks, why isn't your lovely bride with you in your hour of need?

Stefano: [Chuckles] You know... for a minute there, you, uh... you seemed almost human.

Gus: Bad news at the doctor's?

Vivian: He thinks I should do yoga.

Gus: Wow, that would put one in a funk.

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