Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 3/17/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 3/17/11


Provided By Danielle

McCarthy: Your lawyer's here to see you.

Dario: Thanks for coming.

Man: You do realize the extent of my legal knowledge amounts to watching Law & Order.

Stefano: (to Rafe 2) Oh. Well, I assure you, that is not a problem, because he has disappeared for good, hey? Which is what happens to someone who displeases me. You should keep that in mind.

Melanie: Are you kidding me? Look at him! He doesn't look like he's gonna mend anything or that he has any regrets.

Dario: Oh, but I do. I regret not having earplugs. Your shrieking is giving me a headache.

Melanie: Are you getting a headache? Wait till I get done with you.

Dario: Are you always this high-strung, or is it that you're just not getting any?

Melanie: I'm gonna beat the hell out of you!

Dario: What, with your tiny fists of fury?

Melanie: I'll aim lower!

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