Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/14/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/14/11


Provided By Danielle

Chloe: I'm a train wreck.

Philip: Would you stop saying things like that?

Chloe: It's just, with everything that's happened... losing Daniel... and tripping over myself like it's a sport..

Rafe 2: Yeah, look. Listen, I don't have a lot of time, so listen up, okay? Sami wants me to pick up these cookies for Allie. Her favorite cookies at the Java Cafe. Wherever the hell that is. You're gonna have to fill me in on that, too.

EJ: You're calling me with a dessert emergency.

Bo: Look at me. You've been through hell. And my being with Carly made you doubt my love for you. Thing is, you've had my heart since the first day I laid eyes on you. And now I appreciate more how much I need you in my life. How I'm... lost without you.

Hope: I'm lost without you, too.

Rafe: (EJ questions Rafe about Allie’s favorite cookies) Chocolate chip.

EJ: Chocolate chip! Wonderful. Is that your final answer, or would you like to phone a friend?

Nicole: I just had a very interesting conversation with your father.

EJ: I hope he was his usual charming self.

Nicole: Yes, he was mean and insulting as usual.

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