Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 2/10/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 2/10/11


Provided By Danielle

Kate: (Victor believes that Vivian bought a bad company for Titan as revenge) A lovely parting gift from Vivian. What are you going to do?

Victor: I'm gonna find that loophole. And then I'm gonna find Vivian and stuff her in it.

Kate: (about the bad company purchase) Are you going to bring Philip in on this?

Victor: No. This is personal. He's got enough to deal with.

Kate: You're right about that.

Victor: Yes. It must be very tiring for him trying to populate the planet.

Victor: You're giving me back the keys to the house? What happened? Cook refused to try your brownie recipe?

Kate: No. Actually, I find it a little boring here when there's no one in the crypt.

EJ: Well, I mean, we could've done with more time, obviously. You know, for him to study you, to observe you, to learn your habits. But then you had that unfortunate accident with that head wound and, well, that was just too good an opportunity to miss.

Rafe: That's when you made the switch.

EJ: You know, university hospital probably should do something about their security system.

Vivian: (pretending that Stefano was joking) Oh, Stefano, you kill me.

Stefano: You must be reading my mind.

Sami: How dare you. I have a great relationship with my sister.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. Now that she's in Europe and you can't get your hands on Austin.

Sami: Are you serious? Are you stuck in 1999?

Victor: You make me sound like a real bastard.

Brady: If the shoe fits...

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