Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/20/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/20/11


Provided By Danielle

Nicole: What do you mean, you have to move on? What, you found someone else already? Oh, my God. You have, haven't you?

Brady: Not everyone jumps from one warm body to the next, Nicole. Like you.

Victor: Here's to a true Kiriakis. The man who kicked Nicole to the curb, where she belongs.

Brady: I don't want a drink.

Victor: Oh, come on, Brady. Don't tell me you still care about that little whore. What, wrong word? All right, how about porn star? Bitch. Harlot. Jezebel. Take your pick.

Brady: (Victor has just told Brady to bring Vivian back) Stand-up comedy was never one of your strong suits, Granddad.

Melanie: Carly's so into secrets. Let's keep her in the dark for once.

Daniel: [Scoffs] You're so my kid.

Melanie: Bad day?

Brady: Crappy night.

Melanie: Crappy night. Been there, doing that.

EJ: Rafe? Samantha? Are you going to let me in or not?

Will: I vote for not.

EJ: (to Rafe) Okay. Um... hey, I feel so, um... apologize for... for being me, I suppose.

Philip: (believing that Melanie being pregnant will bring them back together) Hey, look, she is going to want that baby to grow up with a father.

Kate: Yes, most mothers would.

Philip: Hey, you want my jacket? Yeah--

Kate: No.

Philip: You need to wear heavier coats. To hell with worrying about style.

Kate: What? You seal those lips, young man.

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