Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/18/11

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/18/11


Provided By Danielle

Rafe: What's that thing your grandma always says?

Sami: God is the goodness in all of us.

Gus: No, I won't give up.

Vivian: Well, then you're a bigger idiot than I thought, Gus. We're cursed. We haven't even been saved, but I almost got killed by a hailstorm of peas and carrots. The Almighty is just playing with us. I can see my obituary now. Vivian Alamain, eaten alive by sand crabs.

EJ: Johnny, how many fingers is Dr. Jonas holding up?

Johnny: Ten.

Daniel: Try it again. J

ohnny: Two up and eight down.

Warden Smith: You wasted my time, damn it!

Bo: No, I did not. I told you where Hope was. She's sneaky. Probably changed locations. How was I to know she'd do something like that to an evil bitch like you? I... that... that was the sodium pentothal talking. I didn't say evil bitch.

Warden Smith: The torture that you're willing to withstand for a woman who tried to kill you. Maybe... maybe you like the pain though. Maybe you want some more.

Bo: Is that a trick question?

Maggie: (Maggie wants to negotiate to get Victor to rescue Vivian from the deserted island) Well, maybe if I speak your language.

Victor: What, Greek?

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