Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 12/31/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 12/31/10


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Brady: (to Nicole) You're getting married? Well, hey, that's great. That's terrific news. Let me guess. Um...childhood sweetheart. Found him on Facebook. You've been emailing each other and you've realized that you're just destined to be together and you can't live without one another. So he's flying in from Podunk. You're gonna have a big, old wedding. Is that it?

Victor: (to Maggie about Caroline) Oh, why would she want to protect them? She hardly knows them. This was about depriving Philip of his own flesh and blood child. She played God with my family. Everyone knows that's my job.

Nicole: I-I mean it. We can keep doing what we're doing, Brady. Remarrying EJ is just a--it's a stupid legal document. But I will be married to you in my heart always.

Brady: Great. In our hearts, we'll be married. You know what, why don't you go on Facebook, I'll friend you, and then we can continue our relationship online.

EJ: (Vivian claims she brought EJ the pictures of Nicole and Brady because she cares about the DiMera family) You're, uh, you're too kind.

Vivian: I try.

Brady: Let me guess. It's about Vivian, right?

Kate: I have had an epiphany.

Brady: Those are scary.

Nicole: (Nicole tries to convince EJ that the pictures of her and Brady were doctored) That's not a defense. It's a fact. Vivian already showed me those. Why do you think I didn't act surprised?

EJ: Because as well as being quite an accomplished liar, you're also a good actor.

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