Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 12/30/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 12/30/10


Provided By Danielle

Vivian: (looking at a picture of Brady and Nicole having sex in the DiMera living room) Oh! If EJ or Stefano ever invite me for a meeting in that room, I'm bringing my own bottle of disinfectant.

Vivian: (to Brady) Well, you made copies of the photos, just photo shopped. And here's one with Victor, instead of you. Freud will have something to say about that. And then there's Daniel and-- whoo! Philip? And Father Matt? I need that one for my wallet.

Vivian: (to Brady) Really, what is it you're trying to prove, that your beloved is more of a whore than she really is, or is it that you just have too much time on your hands?

EJ: There are terms, of course. They're pretty straightforward. You get to be Sydney's mother, something you have demonstrated is very important to you. And in return, all I ask is that you are an exemplary mother. An exemplary mother means you have to stop your drinking and the screwing around.

Nicole: Wow. This is so romantic. So hard for me to resist you when you talk so sweet.

Melanie: You thought it was okay that my husband slept with my father's wife?

Carly: I didn't know who it was, I swear!

Melanie: Of course not, because you didn't check to see who the father might be before you did the test. Or was the list too long, Chloe?

Philip: (Caroline is rushed to the hospital after the truth reveal brings on a stroke) You think this was my fault?

Victor: I think everything is your fault.

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