Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/14/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/14/10


Provided By Danielle

EJ: (to Nicole) Hmm. So let me guess. This is my fault, um, whatever it happens to be. I'm responsible for the sorry state of your life.

Nicole: (Nicole lies to EJ about having dumped Brady) Does it make you happy? Hmm?

EJ: Well, I wouldn't jump for joy. But I haven't had my coffee yet.

Caroline: (Daniel walks up) Oh. Well, we were talking about Stephanie and Nathan moving up their wedding date.

Stephanie: Why don't you just take out a full ad in the newspaper.

Caroline: The paper? Don't you think that's a bit 20th century? How about if I Twitter it instead?

Brady: (a staged argument in front of Henderson turns to passion once Henderson leaves) (to Nicole) We should break up more often.

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