Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 11/15/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 11/15/10


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Nicole: (recalling her claim to Rafe and Sami that if she got to be in Sidney’s life, then she won’t reveal the video confession) And if they bought that... then I have some land in Florida they might like.

Jennifer: (about Jack) Bo, I am not turning a blind eye. Of course, I thought that there could have been another woman, but you know what? He bought a tent for one person. He is on this walkabout alone.

Bo: Okay, that's good. Isn't it?

Jennifer: No! I think it's really bad. I've been replaced by nothing.

Bo: (about Jack leaving Jennifer) He's know, just...

Jennifer: Finding himself, yes, I know. He's finding himself.

Bo: No, I was gonna say he's a jerk. And that, um... kind of goes along with being a guy.

Sami: You are a great kid. Uh, man. Uh, guy. I mean, even Stefano DiMera knows that. Not that I would go around quoting him, but... "William is a man of substance."

Will: Yeah, like he's such a great judge of character, right?

Sami: He's worried about you. And everyone sees it in you. You entitled to be completely screwed up after everything that you have been through in your life.

Sami: I'm a lot of things, William, but I...hardly a great mom.

Will: Well, that is not your call. We decide that.

Sami: [Sighs] You have pretty low standards, kid.

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