Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/27/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/27/10


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Vivian: (about Brady rushing to Arianna when he heard of her accident) Whatever. I'm not so sure he's going to get over the guilt he feels leaving her for you. And, you know, the image of a very beautiful dead woman is quite romantic.

Nicole: Is there anything I can do to speed up your paint-fumes thing?

Vivian: Did you know that I had a title?

Nicole: Yeah... "old bat."

Kate: Well, I know mother-in-laws are not supposed to interfere, but--

Melanie: Kate, come on, really? This coming from the mom who poisoned her son's wife, was it?

Kate: (Kate is surprised to hear that Vivian left without further contact) Really? That's odd.

Melanie: Everything Vivian does is odd.

Vivian: Oh, Vivian... Vivian... [Scoffs] Is this it--the final curtain... the last roundup, the final bow? You promised Nicole DiMera untold wealth, and she didn't even blink before saying no. When you can't count on that woman's greed, you can't count on anything.

Kate: You're living here?

Nicole: [Clears throat] That's right.

Kate: (listing all of Victor’s exes) You and Vivian... is Victor gonna ask Carly to move in next? Should I pack a bag, hmm?

Kate: Victor thinks you're good for Brady. Are you slipping him some of those pills that Hope was popping?

Nicole: Okay, I find that remark tasteless in the extreme.

Kate: Honey, with the outfit you're wearing, I would avoid the word "tasteless."

Nicole: Really? Why don't you just go... or die or something?

Vivian: Oh, please... I'll donate to charities. I'll go to church. I-I'll go to synagogues. I'll--I'll go to mosques. I'll go to Mel Gibson's church. Please, please just send somebody to help me. Please. Amen. Thank you, God. Thank you. (realizing that it’s Kate snooping around in her old bedroom) Her? You have a really sick sense of humor.

Vivian: I'm in Isabella's sarcophagus.

Kate: No, really.

Vivian: Yes, really.

Kate: You're in a sarcophagus with a minicam, fabulous lighting, and wired for sound? Of course, you are. I almost forgot who I was talking to.

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