Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/21/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/21/10


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Brady: Maybe--you know what, maybe I just realized that I do have a conscience after all.

Nicole: Brady, it happens to everyone eventually. That's why there's alcohol.

Nicole: (to Brady) You need a drink. It will get you through this crisis of conscience and keep you from...doing anything you might regret like...the right thing.

EJ: I mean, let's look at it-- your wife tried to kill me. Your niece tried to kill me. Who's next--your mother?

Vivian: (still locked in the coffin) "So long as men can breathe... and eyes can see... so long lives this... and this gives life to thee." A person who is going mad couldn't possibly remember all that. A person who had already gone mad could spout a lot of gibberish and then tell herself it was a damn sonnet! A person who was going mad would just lie there and debate with herself about whether or not she was going mad.

Vivian: As God is my witness, I am never going to plan to bury anyone alive again. It never really works out like you think it will.

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