Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/14/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/14/10


Provided By Danielle

Maggie: Melanie seemed upset. I think I'm gonna see if she's all right.

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What happened to "observe from a distance and interfere only when absolutely necessary"?

Maggie: I'm not sure I like being around someone who can remember everything I say.

Lexie: (about Stefano) Try not to let him upset you, okay?

EJ: Hmm? No. It's fine. No. If he didn't rant and rave on a regular basis, I'd think something was wrong with him.

Stephanie: Well, sometimes what you don't know can't hurt you.

Kayla: No, no. Usually, it just hurts you later.

Maggie: Victor, could you try not to be negative on their wedding day? At least wait until tomorrow.

Victor: Chloe just keeps popping up in this family. So does Nicole. They're like a couple of bad pennies.

Brady: (Victor overhears them talking about Vivian) Ah, Grandfather, I was just commenting on how beautiful the wedding was and how fortunate it was that the old witch didn't come in and ruin it the way she did Melanie's and Philip's.

Nicole: And, of course, when Brady said witch, naturally, I said Vivian. Ha. Who else?

Stefano: (EJ admits that he misses Sami) So you did suffer brain damage! This proves it!

Victor: (Victor thanks Maggie for interrupting his conversation with Brady) In the park, when I was about to give Brady a piece of my mind.

Maggie: Right. you know, that mind of yours must have a lot of pieces. You give them out so liberally.

Victor: (Maggie is making them tea) Why don't you just put a couple of spoons of arsenic in there for me?

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