Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 9/29/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 9/29/10


Provided By Danielle

Brady: (to himself) Stupid woman. Stupid, stupid bitch. You know, Vivian, a pet cemetery would be too good for you. I think a cockroach cemetery would be... would be best for you. I don't even know if that exists.

Vivian: [Scoffs] Again with the booze. Brady, listen to me. These toxic fumes are gonna start getting to me, and I'm gonna go mad.

Brady: And that would be a good thing.

Chad: But, um, I just want you to know I'm--I'm praying for your son, Mr. DiMera.

Stefano: Why?

Chad: Why? Well, because he's your--

Stefano: He's no one to you. You don't even know him.

Chad: But I do. I mean, not that well--

Stefano: Look, this is, uh, none of your business.

Lexie: Father, he's just concerned.

Stefano: All right, I don't need his concern. This is family business.

Chad: Right. Sorry. I'll just, uh... can the praying, then.

Victor: (Nicole overhears Brady talking about getting his orangutan dug up and moved from the pet cemetery so she questions Victor about whether they ever owned an orangutan) Yes, we've got several orangutans in the mansion--couple of wombats too.

Nicole: (eavesdropped on Brady while he was in the mausoleum) Poor Brady. He thinks he was talking to his dead mother. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Maybe the orangutan was Isabella's pet. That has to be it. And he was digging it up so he could put it in here with his mom. Ew, creepy... and kind of sad.

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