Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 9/1/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 9/1/10


Provided By Danielle

Nicole: (Daniel just stopped EJ from attacking Nicole) I don't know. I just--I just kept talking. I just--I--I just kept talking because I felt like if I looked scared or--or if I pleaded with him, it would have--it would have made it worse, and he would lose it, so I just kept talking about him and all the horrible things that he did.

Daniel: A lot of material there.

Will: Okay, it doesn't make any sense that Stefano would have anything to do with the kidnapping.

Caroline: No? Because hurting your mother is his favorite sport.

Rafe: Yeah. Any chance you could get some sleep? Sami: (referring to Hope’s mugging rampage while taking sleeping pills) I'm definitely not taking a sleeping pill.

Rafe: Hmm. Yeah.

Sami: Imagine what I'd do.

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