Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/26/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/26/10


Provided By Danielle

Vivian: Uh-oh. Here comes that gloomy Gus thing again.

Gus: We're in a mausoleum!

Kate: (to Stefano) You know that this could go on forever. We know that Sami loves being the center of attention. She has two men vying over her. That's like crack cocaine to her.

Rafe: (EJ stops the CD from playing before it gets to the incriminating part of his conversation with Stefano) Who can manufacture those two accents, EJ?

Master: (Dr. Baker doesn’t want to see Hope badgered by his lawyer so he’s pleading guilty) This is all against advice of counsel.

Davis: He has a constitutional right to be an idiot.

Melanie: I was just knitting something for my little brother or sister, and I--well, I suck at it. So I was wondering if maybe that was genetic.

Carly: I'm not much of a domestic goddess, sorry.

Melanie: Duly noted.

Carly: I can tune an engine, though.

Melanie: Ah, babies love that.

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