Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/19/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/19/10


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Sami: (thinking she’s on her way to watch Rafe arrest Nicole) Maybe I'll actually get to see Nicole led away in handcuffs. Never gets old.

Maggie: Do not talk about Hope like that, Vivian.

Vivian: She's been ripped from her family, and my poor husband is devastated. Fortunately, I found a solution to ease your pain.

Victor: Ah, planning on filing for divorce?

Arianna: Congratulations. I hope you and Sami are very happy.

EJ: You do?

Arianna: I do.

EJ: That's funny. You're not usually this, um, sincerity-challenged.

Arianna: Oh, I'm sorry. I am. I just--well, I think she's kind of like...

EJ: She can be a handful.

Arianna: A train wreck.

EJ: She's a handful.

Arianna: Actually, I was thinking train wreck.

EJ: She's a handful.

Arianna: Train wreck.

Vivian: Divorce? What?

Victor: Well, you said you found a way to ease my pain.

Vivian: [Laughs] That wicked sense of humor of yours. No, my dear husband, you're stuck with me.

Victor: Yes, I was afraid of that.

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