Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 8/17/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 8/17/10


Provided By Danielle

Rafe: All right, look. I realize I was pretty rotten to you last time we talked.

Nicole: As opposed to everyone else who treats me so great?

Ian: Firewall at St. Mary's is secure.

Stephanie: I know, that's why I called you--you have to break in.

Ian: I'm workin' on it. Although it is a little bit creepy to be hacking into a site with the blessed mother staring at you.

Lexie: Okay, listen, if you need any help with the wedding, let me know, okay?

Sami: Oh! [Laughs] Actually, if you could prescribe sedatives to my whole family, that would be fantastic.

Nicole: (Rafe orders Nicole another drink at the Cheatin’ Heart) Oh...ha. Are you trying to get me drunk?

Rafe: Ha. You come here for some herbal tea, did ya?

Stefano: Ah...[Sighs] Look. I realize that I have said some, well...terrible things to you.

Sami: Don't worry, Stefano. I know you meant every word.

Nathan: (about Melanie) Yeah. You know that guy I told you about, the guy that freaked out? He tried to strangle her.

Stephanie: Really?

Nathan: Yeah.

Stephanie: He must know her well.

Carly: (said nearly in unison) Are those bruises on your throat?

Daniel: What happened to you?

Melanie: That's a lot of parenting at one time.

Sami: (to EJ and Lexie about Stefano) Hey-- I, um...I just had a close encounter of the weird kind with your father. He... yep, it's official. He was actually nice to me.

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