Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 7/6/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 7/6/10


Provided By Danielle

Nicole: We need to talk. No, I need to talk, you need to listen. EJ has to be stopped.

Richard: You know what, I think we should take a wait and see approach, all right? So why don't you wait, and I'll see you later.

Chad: (T’s phone rings) Hot date?

T: [Mouths] My mother.

Chad: Ah, why don't you just block her calls?

T: 'Cause I wanna reach adulthood.

Madeline: (to Kate) God, my fate is in your hands. Can it get any worse than that?

Stefano: Mm. [Sighs] Madeline, as a judge, you are supposed to have an insight into your--well, defendant's body language, right? But all I'm getting from you is a kind of lying through your teeth kind of thing.

Vivian: Well...your favorite kind of event--an opportunity to become morally superior.

Maggie: Hmm. You know, I've thought a lot about you. But I never thought you were stone stupid.

Maggie: I am not your romantic rival.

Vivian: Really? Then what exactly are you?

Maggie: Maybe he likes to talk to someone who doesn't try to kill people. Maybe he wants to get away from some, I don't know, neurotic shrew who... [Sighs] Okay, that was out of line. I'm sorry.

Vivian: Damn you. Damn you for being right.

Maggie: Do you really think that you are gonna hold on to Victor acting like a stereotypical fishwife?

Vivian: [Chuckles] Do you think this is by choice? I'm Vivian Alamain. Do you think I like dragging my husband out of a suburban kitchen? Having a rival--a romantic rival that makes Betty Crocker look like Lady Gaga?

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