Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 6/11/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 6/11/10


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Brady: (Victor walks in) [Laughs] Great. I was hoping you'd get the opportunity to come and gloat about this.

Jen: You didn't know Bo was divorcing you?

Hope: No.

Jen: When your grandmother is dying? Do you have a baseball bat around here because there's a little conversation I would like to have with the police commissioner.

Victor: Look, if you'd roll back the attitude. I cut my honeymoon short for you.

Brady: Ah, that must have hurt. Spending less time with Vivian.

Victor: You and Philip are arrogant. You don't appreciate what you have. And before you jump all over me, I'm not talking about the money. You have family. Not everyone does. You have backup, whether you want it or not. Every time something bad happens to you, the first thing I think of is--is what your mother would do and what she'd want me to do. And then I screw it up, and I yell and I get mad and... well... that's love, Brady.

Maggie: (about Alice) She sleeps a lot. But when she wakes up, she knows who's there and she's happy to see them.

Marie: Oh, that's a blessing from God. Nothing is more important to her than her family. And giving advice.

Victor: I love our little talks.

Brady: I like 'em too. I do. I feel like I just took a trip to Walton’s Mountain.

EJ: (describing Brady to Nicole) He's kind of like a puppy, isn't he? I mean, everybody loves a puppy, except this one, he's not even paper-trained. You know? He reminds me of one of those sad souls from one of those '90s boy bands. You know the one I mean. You know, the not very talented one who's kind of sitting there just watching his entire life passing him by, wondering what kind of idiot he is.

Nicole: And I know EJ. And he won't stop until he hooks me to you and you to setting up Arianna, so what do we do?

Baker: [Sighs] I just hate it when you say ‘we.’

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