Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/26/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/26/10


Provided By Danielle

Sami: (Kate complains about the clutter left by Sami’s kids) Squeaky toys and whoopee cushions and maybe a dribble glass for you. It's all part of my plan.

Kate: I suppose you think that's funny.

Sami: [Chuckles] I think it's a riot. You know, that's the problem with poisoning people or framing them for murders they didn't commit. There's just no sense of humor in it.

Stefano: Oh. [Clears throat] Your mother and I, we have had our differences.

Will: Hmm, you think?

Kate: I love Stefano. And I loved Victor. Part of me still does.

Sami: Which part? The Louis Vuitton part?

Kate: He's the father of my son. And it's Chanel, darling.

Caroline: (about Arianna) Well, there's evidence. The flashlight has her fingerprints on it.

Sami: That doesn't mean anything. Especially in Salem.

Stefano: Please. The young man was just trying to be polite. He came over to say hello to will, will introduced us, we shook hands. There's no harm in that, Madeline.

Madeline: Stefano, with you, there's always harm.

Philip: We thought something happened to you.

Victor: Like what?

Daniel: Well, like a heart attack or a stroke.

Philip: Or Vivian.

Carly: All right, she's a nightmare, he's your father, so you need to call off this deal, okay? You stop the wedding.

Bo: All right. Okay. I could do that for you. But as you know, it's a two-part deal. He either does what he has to do to neutralize her, or I kill her. Now if you want, we could go with plan "B."

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