Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 3/19/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 3/19/10


Provided By Danielle

Carly: (to Vivian) Do you really call that noise careening around in your head "thinking"?

Rafe: (Arianna shows off the ring Brady gave her) You can only imagine how many hours he spent at the arcade before he won this.

Brady: (to Sami) EJ. Juice boxes? I feel like I just walked into an episode of gangster knows best.

Daniel: Chloe, I didn't say you were impossible to live with.

Chloe: You don't send somebody to the shrink because they're a barrel of laughs, Daniel.

Sami: (Sami leaves Brady and EJ alone to say goodbye to the kids) Oh, damn it. You didn't kill each other.

Carly: (to Vivian) I just want you to be sure, because if anything happens to either Melanie or me, life as you know it is over. I mean, you're like Lawrence. You like the secrets and the lies and the plots and conspiracies. You like the darkness, premature burials, and poisoned hair combs. You don't like the light or truth or honesty. But you know what? It's all over, because everybody knows what you've done. And now you have this big old spotlight on you. So if you try anything at all with either Melanie or me, well, we all know what happens to Dracula when he goes out into the sun.

Nicole: (waiting on Anna to seduce the governor so she can get released from jail) This is your chance, Anna. Time to pull out your big... guns.

Anna: (The governor at first says he’ll help Nicole) You will?

Jim: Mm-hmm.

Anna: When?

Jim: When hell freezes over.

Vivian: (Daniel walks up as Vivian and Gus have Carly cornered) Carly, what is this? You seem to have an endless supply of men ready to leap to your defense at any moment.

Daniel: You tried to harm my daughter... so this public-place crap means nothing to me. So if you try to harass Carly or you even come near my daughter, I will put you in a psych ward where you belong, spending your golden years weaving baskets.

Vivian: Well, Lawrence did want the father of the bastard dead too. So maybe I'll have to put that on my to-do list.

Sami: (telling Rafe, Brady, and Arianna about a job she’s looking to get) It's a clerical position. Um, and I'm, you know, pretty good at that. I have the right skill sets, and I do pretty well in interviews, you know, when they don't know me.

Anna: (pleading to get Nicole released) I told you everything she did was out of love.

Jim: Well, I don't think that Stefano and EJ are gonna see it that way. You must understand what happens to a political career in this state if you cross the DiMera family. God's sake, I'll wind up on a reality show with Rod Blagoje-whatever.

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