Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/22/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/22/10


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Bo: Hope saw the receipt. Victor: Well, was that before or after she went to the hospital with a head injury? Oh, wait, it really doesn't matter. Her testimony would be considered suspect at best. No, you haven't got anything. Unless, of course, you could find the artisan that did the work. Why don't you try and to that? Bo: Don't tell me. He disappeared. Victor: Can you imagine he and his wife have never seen Delphi? I like making people's dreams come true. Bo: So you sent him off to Greece. Victor: Who? Who are you talking about?

Daniel: (to Carly) Well, leave it to Melanie to recover voce fortissimo.

Carly: It wasn't about you. Melanie: (about Vivian) She was trying to beat me in the head, and it wasn't about me?

Carly: She wanted to hurt me. She was using you to get revenge on me. See, Vivian is, uh, very eye-for-an-eye, and she blamed me for my husband's death. Melanie: Well, you did stab him. She kind of gets to do that.

Vivian: Well, I think I can handle that. Victor: Oh, really? The way you handled the last fiasco? Boy, that really ran like a Swiss watch, didn't it? All the planning, all the audio-visual aids? The three stooges on crack could have come up with a better plan.

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