Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/26/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/26/10


Provided By Danielle

Philip: Well, I was hoping we could talk about, uh...

Victor: Vivian.

Philip: How did you know?

Victor: Well, people often get that bilious look on their face when they're about to talk about Vivian.

Melanie: Oh. Well, good...'cause for a second there, it looked like you wanted to kill me or something!

Vivian: (imagining Carly standing in Melanie’s place) Not you, honey.

Melanie: Good to know.

Carly: (to Justin) Oh! Forgive me. I had no idea I was talking to the, um, voluntary moral police. What do you do, go door-to-door just setting us sinners straight?

Victor: [Laughing] No! My god! Do I love Vivian? [Laughing] Philip: What? Victor: I haven't laughed so hard since Kate's wedding.

Philip: Well, you said that you two are in love. You spend all your time together and, you know...

Victor: We are in love... in Vivian land, which is way, way over the rainbow.

Victor: (admitting that he doesn’t really love Vivian) You must have really thought I'd lost it.

Philip: Well, she has tried to kill people, and I know attractive you find that in women.

Philip: (about Vivian) Well, she said... that you and her were going to accompany me and Melanie on my honeymoon.

Victor: (sarcastically) Oh. And you have a problem with that? Think of the bridge games!

Gus: (Vivian is now hesitant to follow through on hurting Carly’s daughter now that she knows it is Melanie) Has Madame forged a personal relationship with the young lady?

Vivian: The young lady's going to marry Philip, and if I destroy her, I think he might be a little upset.

Rafe: (Tim agrees to forcibly get the DEA to change their minds about sending Arianna back to jail) [Laughs] Tim. Thanks, man.

Tim: Life would be so dull if I didn't know you.

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