Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 1/25/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 1/25/10


Provided By Danielle

Kate: I'm trying to be supportive.

Stefano: Oh, right. Ha ha. By depressing me?

Melanie: (Philip complains that Melanie is being grilled by Vivian) (to Vivian) Okay, hold on one second. (to Philip) Why are you being a butthead?

Victor: What's going on? Philip: (referring to Vivian) Oh, Katie Couric over here is interrogating my fiancée.

Maggie: (about Mia) I'm sorry she was rude to you.

Carly: It's okay. I'm getting used to it.

Vivian: Well, I thought you might find it quite interesting.

Victor: Quite interesting? First you think that Mia McCormick is her daughter. Then all of a sudden, you don't think her daughter's in Salem at all. Now it's Melanie. Who's next, Lexie Carver?

Hope: (to Bo) Carly never stopped loving you. I get that. I get it. But years went by... years, Brady. You two led two completely different lives. So why now? You see, there is another reason she came back to Salem, isn't there? If you're being sincere-- are sincere that you never meant to hurt me, then you would tell me. Okay, I'm, um--I'm going to go buy Ciara another sailboat. If only everything was so easily replaceable. But then again... I was, wasn't I? Like that.

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