Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 12/11/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 12/11/09


Provided By Danielle

Victor: (Victor’s face is bruised) My beautiful granddaughter wanted to go ice skating.

Vivian: And you did a triple lutz?

Victor: More like a double klutz.

EJ: (Stefano calls Sidney’s kidnapping a tragedy) Tragedy?

Stefano: Uh-huh.

EJ: Calling it a tragedy, does that mean--

Stefano: Yes, yes. Your daughter has gone missing. What am I supposed to call it, an annoyance?

Philip: I like it when you're mad.

Melanie: Don't--what? That is such a sexist and patronizing thing to say that you like it when a girl is mad. You need to start--start taking my madness seriously.

Vivian: I know that you're going to fight this, but I also know one day you will accept me as your mother.

Philip: Hmm. Well, if that's true, then I guess everybody is right. I really am a son of a bitch.

Carly: (Justin walks up on Carly and Maggie’s private conversation) Eavesdrop much?

Justin: Work, oh! Of course. You're trying to get a job at University Hospital.

Carly: (sarcastically) Yes! That way I can stay in Salem and just go around and mess up everyone's marriages!

Melanie: (having just met and been surveyed by Vivian as an appropriate match for Philip) What was that?

Philip: That was incubator mom.

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