Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/9/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/9/09


Provided By Danielle

Victor: So that's your plan? To make Carly suffer through a long, painful revenge?

Vivian: I can't do it alone, Victor. Would you like to help me?

Victor: Do you need to ask?

Officer: (trying to explain how Nicole escaped while under his watch) Sir, the door was locked when I checked. The other one has been closed the whole time.

EJ: Stop groveling. It's pathetic. If it makes you feel any better, you're not the first man she took advantage of.

Hope: (about Carly) Everything's a big secret with her. Oh, speaking of secrets, she was trying to rent a room at my Aunt Maggie's house. Can you believe that? She never said a word to me. And she certainly had plenty of opportunity.

Justin: But why would she?

Hope: Because they're my family.

Justin: But it's not like you'd have veto power or anything.

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