Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 9/23/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 9/23/09


Provided By Danielle

Kate: (sarcastically) Don't bother to knock. Victor: Oh, you want me to observe the niceties? [Knocks] You got a second, Kate? I'd like to come in and throw you out on your ass.

Victor: (Kate picks up the bottle of perfume from the tray Victor knocked over in anger) You want to smell nice on your trip to Skid Row?

Victor: (confronting Kate after finding out she plans to get married) Ah. Anyone you know? I mean, between poisoning Chloe and planting evidence against Daniel, what, you did a little online dating?

Abe: (discussing Stefano and Kate’s plans to marry) All that evil in one place. Maggie: Oh, I think they're gonna honeymoon in North Korea.

Victor: You won't go through with it, Kate. You and I both know that if you marry Stefano, Philip is gonna be out of your life forever. Kate: [Sighs] No. Victor: Oh, yes. He's our son, Kate. He doesn't forgive. He exacts revenge.

Lucas: Alone at the bar again. I think this is where I came in.

Lucas: (imagines that another couple making out is Daniel and Chloe) Wow, and I'm not even drunk yet.

Victor: So you kids writing your own vows? Stefano: You're embarrassing yourself, Victor. Victor: Because you should know Kate considers "till death do us part" a viable alternative to divorce.

Kate: Do you really think an asylum is better than prison? There's crazy people there, Philip.

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