Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 6/18/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 6/18/09


Provided By Danielle

Nathan: (Melanie freaks out thinking the boy she met at the hospital broke into her house) You're pretty... [Laughs] But you're a real idiot.

Nicole: You've been dealt this terrible blow, and I'm just trying to say that... that you have Sydney.

EJ: One daughter... does not make up for the loss of another.

Nathan: (to Melanie as he walks around half dressed) Hmm. Okay. Let me ask you this: If I was a perv... which you so eloquently put it, would I really shower before perving? I mean, would I really freshen up beforehand?

Caroline: (angry that Philip and Victor have gone out of town leaving Stephanie alone with Owen on the loose) What did Philip or Victor say about this?

Stephanie: They said that there's no way Owen could ever get near me again.

Caroline: Oh, sure, they're so good at their word too.

Nathan: (to Maggie) Do me a favor. Vouch for me. Let her know that I'm entirely trustworthy.

Maggie: Well, I think the jury is-- is still out on that.

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