Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 4/14/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 4/14/09


Provided By Danielle

Mia: (confronting Nicole about her past crimes) I read about it online. I was up half the night reading about you.

Nicole: Well, then you must have read that I was never convicted.

Mia: Oh, gee, that makes everything so much better, doesn't it?

Kate: (to Daniel as he is objecting to being interviewed by Chloe) Okay. Fine, fine, fine. You're well-known in this country. Would you concede to that? I mean, when people hear your name, I'm sure the first thing they think of is what you can do with your hands.

Kate: (Kate learns that a fire has destroyed her TV studio) Okay, all right. That's it. It's just it, honey. You're just making me more nervous, okay? So, you need to go home, make some phone calls, do some e-mails, okay, until I find a way to figure this out. Then I'll call you.

Chris: Okay, okay. Please do that, Ms. Roberts. You know, 'cause anything you need, okay? I just so want this show to be a huge success and run for years and years and years. Okay. Of course, it could be a big flop and be canceled in 13 weeks, but --

Kate: I think it could do with healthy food choices.

Daniel: Food choices? I'm a doctor, not a nutritionist. And you know what? It's really not my area of expertise.

Kate: Well, then you can fake it. I mean, you're good at faking things, right?

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