Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/10/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/10/09


Provided By Danielle

Kate: (sabotaging Danielís attempts to move on from Chloe by badmouthing him to his would be date) I'm trying to be a Good Samaritan. I am not a stranger to Daniel's bedside manner.

Irene: I've heard enough.

Kate: All I can say is thank God he's a doctor because if he can't cure it, at least he can give you a prescription to help ease the discomfort.

Sami: Grandma, I love you, too. I love you so much. And I hope you come back anytime. You're always welcome.

Caroline: Oh, be careful what you ask for.

Nicole: (sarcastically, to Brady) Tell the truth. Yeah, that's a great idea. I don't know why I didn't think of that.

Lucas: (Kate is upset that Chloe has accepted a singing job out of town after agreeing to host Kateís talk show) Right. Right. And that's fine. It really is. Actually, we were thinking that...

Kate: Oh, well, see, that's always the first mistake.

Nicole: (Nicole dreams that EJ interrupts their wedding to marry Sami instead) Even in my dreams, you get E.J.'s attention.

Nicole: (drinking and complaining to herself about Sami) Yeah. Blottle bond. [Laughs] [Snorts] "Blottle bond." Bottle blonde. [Sighs] But if he ever found out that you have a kid together... no, no. No. No way, Sami. You're toast. T-O-S-T. Ooh.

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