Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/13/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/13/09


Provided By Danielle

E.J.: (Victor tries to keep Nicole from attending the party that Kate invited her to) And this is the woman that I love.

Victor: May God help you.

Chelsea: So, did you pick out a dress? Chloe?

Chloe: No. Not yet.

Victor: Well, we know it won't be white.

Victor: So, have you two set a date?

Lucas: No, not yet, but we'd rather sooner than later, right, honey?

Victor: Well, if I were you, Lucas, I'd put it off as long as possible. Give yourself time to see past the...physical attributes and into the empty soul and then run like hell.

Lucas: How dare you talk to her that way, Victor. Come on, man. Chloe's the most honest, caring person I've ever known.

Victor: How many people do you know, Lucas?

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