Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 1/7/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 1/7/09


Provided By Danielle

Brady: (questioning EJ about how his shady business practices could affect Nicole) She's a friend. She's a good friend.

E.J.: Well, you know, it is touching that you're so, uh -- what's the word? -- Protective of her. But it may have slipped your mind that i am her fiancé, not you. You -- your enormous ego not withstanding -- play a fairly minor role in her life. Certainly in mine.

Lucas: So, how are things between you and my ex?

E.J.: [Clears throat] Well, let's see. Which one would that be?

E.J.: [Clears throat] Do you mind? Thank you.

Lucas: Don't you have somewhere else to go or someone else to be pompous to? Maybe you can find someone who actually likes your accent.

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