Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/2/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/2/09


Provided By Danielle

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. We'll call Kate and Lucas on the way to the hospital and explain everything then.

Chloe: (desperate to hide their attraction to each other from their respective lovers) Not everything.

Melanie: (about Stephanie and Philip) (Sighs) I think you guys are so cute -- like a supercouple -- like Brangelina -- or maybe it's Brad and Jen. I haven't really decided.

Stephanie: Well, don't break a pop culture sweat trying to figure it out.

Nicole: (Brady tracks Nicole down on the road to Dr. Bakerís office after Dr. Baker calls the mansion looking for her) How did you find me here?

Brady: I followed the trail of breadcrumbs that you left.

Sami: I thought we agreed not to talk about Sister Teresa or the convent or my unborn child, because I can't talk to her, I can't see her. I can't do anything without your help. So that's it, end of discussion.

Rafe: End of discussion, yes. End of scheming, probably not.

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