Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/31/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/31/08


Provided By Danielle

Marlena: I think New Year's Eve is overdone, overstated. It's just too loud, too frantic, too --

John: (popping up behind them) Too unpredictable.

Nicole: (blackmailing Dr. Baker into using his baby brokering side business to get her a baby to pass off as her own) [Clears throat] Now, uh, given the situation, this baby's gonna have to be pretty specific.

Dr. Baker: It's not a genetic buffet line, you know.

Max: (Max declares that he’s giving up sex) My New Year's resolution.

Chelsea: (pointing out that it’s easier to give up something you never liked) That's a good one. Actually, I'm giving up canoeing.

Doug: Another New Year's Eve together.

Julie: And you are still the most gorgeous man that ever came to Salem.

Doug: [ Chuckles ] I love the way you lie.

Philip: What are you doing here?

Melanie: Well, the same thing you guys are doing here. I'm celebrating New Year's with my friends.

Stephanie: They must be imaginary.

Kate: And to peace and happiness for my sons.

Lucas: Only your sons, right?

Kate: No, I want peace and happiness for everyone. I just want you and Philip to have a little bit more.

Philip: Well, that's my mom.

Melanie: (Melanie convinces a drunk patron to pretend to accidentally spill his drink on Stephanie but at first denies it when confronted) If I did, you should be flattered, right? That you can drive me to extremes like that?

Philip: Melanie, driving you to extremes is a very short trip.

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