Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 11/4/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 11/4/08


Provided By Danielle

Chelsea: (complaining to Philip that Melanie changed her attitude toward Nick when she found out he could be coming into money) Yeah, she did, actually. Word for word. She's a liar and a phony and now, clearly, a gold digger.

Philip: Well, no offense, but isn't that what people used to say about you?

Abe: (walking into The Cheatin’ Heart) Well, this place hasn't changed much.

Lexie: How long has it been?

Abe: It's been a few months. I do notice that everyone's gotten younger.

Nicole: (faking pain to get out of jail) Please, please, help me. Call a doctor.

Officer: At this hour?

Nicole: What do you mean "at this hour"? This is a medical emergency. An innocent life is at stake.

Officer: "Innocent"? Your kid?

Stephanie: (obviously drunk) Philip Kiriakis, I am a grown woman, and I am capable of "caking tare" of myself.

Philip: [Laughs] I know you can "cake tare" of yourself, but I'd like to "cake tare" of you tonight.

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